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Investment Calculator: Should I sell?...

Well, this isn't going to tell you, but it can help you explore some options. If you're sitting on a pile of shares bought way back when prices were high, sometimes it can be beneficial to sell them when there's a short rally, then buy back more when prices slip back - if you believe that the price will recover again.

Please note that we are not in any way qualified to give financial advice - nor do we guarantee the results provided by this program to be more than vaguely accurate - caveat emptor! This is just a little utility we wrote for ourselves, and thought you might like to try.

That said, it does at least allow you to explore the possibility. Fill in your initial investment, the number of shares bought and the price at which you'd sell. Then enter the price at which you'd hope to buy back, and a price range for selling again. Remember, no $ or , cents, pence or commas.

After cranking the gears a little, the program will show you a table with the return on your original investment across the final selling price range.

Initial Investment ():
Bought this many shares:
If I sell them at (pence):
With a trading cost of ( or %):
commission is:percent , fixed fee
& if I reinvest the money when the share price is (pence):
Include 0.5% stamp duty
Show me the how much I'd gain if I sold again at prices ranging
from to