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IP Address Gadgets

This is a simple gadget that allows you to display the ip address for anyone visiting your website. Use of the gadget is free, and simply requires a snippet of html to be placed on your web page:

<iframe src=""
width="120" height="40" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Your IP Address is:

It is possible to customise the display - you can supply your own graphics for the numerals and the "dot" character. Simply create gifs for each digit and the dot, saving them as "0.gif", "1.gif", "2.gif"..."9.gif","dot.gif" (lower case names!). Then replace the gobbledegook after "gfxdir=" with the path to your own graphics directory (this should be on your website so that your visitors can see the digits).

This version displays the visitor's country, based on international IP address allocation standards. If the country name is longer than 18 characters, (for example "Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of") then it will scroll within the window.

Your IP Address is:

<iframe src=""
width="120" height="35" scrolling="no"></iframe>

This gadget uses code adapted from Graciliano's Geo::IPFree module. Graciliano also wrote the excellent XML::Smart module that allows us to keep the contents of all our webpages in an XML file and automatically generate all static and dynamic pages and the sitemap, with a simple perl script.

IP Address Lookup

If you have an ip address, perhaps an intruder reported by your firewall, or an ip address in your website logfile, you may use this gadget to lookup the host name. To include it in your web pages, include this HTML snippet in your page:

<base target="ipoutput">
IP Address <INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="address" VALUE="">
<iframe name="ipoutput" width="500" height="500"></iframe>
<base target="">

IP Address